The Technical Analysis Society of St. Lucia

Disclaimer & Privacy Policy


  • Trading securities and investing in the financial markets, like all other areas of human endeavor, carries risk.  Time and money can be lost.
  • The information at this web site is intended for St. Lucian traders and investors who are or want to become members of the Technical Analysis Society.
  • Educational in nature, the Society provides a framework for members to discuss concepts as they apply to price charts and is not accountable for the actions of its Members or their failures, nor does it take credit for their success.
  • How, what, when and if to trade or not are every member's own choices.
    All decisions are solely his/her responsibility. is an independent entity, not affiliated with any person, group or business.

Privacy policy

  1. We do not sell, rent or distribute the data belonging to those who contact us or are our customers.
  2. We do not use your data to send out unsolicited mail.
  3. While a cookie is usually automatically implanted into your computer every time you visit a web site for the first time in order to track down your future visits, so will most likely be when you visit ours.
    The information it provides does not identify you directly and we do not use it anyway because of time constraints.


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